Dropping Your Anchor While Staying Mobile

Portable Herb Garden
Portable Herb Garden

I recently read a blog post by a friend that had been struggling with some pretty tough issues. Family issues can be especially difficult for stay at home Moms because you’re in the storm 24-7 without getting a chance to step out and observe the problem from a different angle. She spoke of “anchors”, and how during this time she let some of the things go in her life that were her anchors because she was too stressed by dealing with the problem at hand. Anchors are those things that ground you. The things that often round out the sharp edges of life. That take you away from your every day problems and provide a stabilizing effect and better prospective.

I have several anchors, and one of them is gardening. I never realized how important it was to me until I got older and was gardening on my own. Now that we live in an RV in an RV Resort my gardening options are limited, and I’ve felt the pangs of its absence. I’ve never had a huge garden, but it’s always provided enough food for some excellent summer meals with just enough to put away for a few cold winter days when you need a little sunshine in the form of food from your garden.

So how do you “drop your anchor” but still stay mobile through this life? Fortunately, I have several activities that I not only enjoy but consider my anchors. And I’ve allowed them to evolve into important parts of my life while some other activities have had to take a back seat. Now that my garden time and space are limited I’ve shifted my focus to other outdoor activities. I’m lucky enough to still have an assortment of herbs growing in pots. And it really brings a sense of anchoring/peace every time I go out and gather some either to eat at a meal or for drying to use later. I also have really become really interested in birding. Photography is also a passion. So why not combine birds and photography? And then add hiking to the mix. I’ve started enjoying hiking immensely. Every weekend, even through the desert heat, I’m trying to find some way to incorporate a hiking trip. It has become a true and solid anchor for me. And I love it! I’ve even started thinking I need to hike one of the trail systems from start to finish. I may be a little far from the Appalachian Trail right now, so why not start with the beautiful Arizona Trail. I’d love to hike it from beginning to end! So for now, I’ll frequent the fabulous Farmer’s Markets in our area to get that fresh produce I crave and miss growing. A garden will happen again someday.

Arizona Trail
Arizona Trail 

I do think it’s important to consider your anchors when you think about setting up your mobile dwelling or if you plan to continuously stay mobile. Anchors are vital to a sane life even more so than I ever realized. So what’s your anchor? What keeps you sane and grounded during those rough patches in life? Everybody has them. You just have to recognize them!


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