Best Seats in the House

It was a rainy 4th of July here in Southern Arizona. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but we had some really good rain over the holiday weekend. If you live in a part of the world that gets regular rainfall then you might be disappointed by this. But because we don’t see rains on a regular basis we were pretty doggone excited! So we settled in for a quiet weekend. The area of Arizona that we live in is actually more high desert and gets more rain than the areas around us. We have grass and trees and all those things that most people don’t have when they live in Arizona.

We live about 4 miles outside of town, so we were curious on the night of the 4th if we would be able to see the fireworks from our RV. Not wanting to venture out into the crowds, we came up with a plan. So about 15 minutes before the excitement was to begin we hauled my camara and ourselves onto the roof of our RV. Then, we sat and waited.4th of July Fireworks

All of our neighbors were also out picking their premium spot for the spectacle, but no one had the view that we did! Before long, neighbors were walking by asking if they could join the rooftop party! They wanted to know if we were serving drinks on deck. Everyone was excited for the fireworks but also excited to see their two neighbors rooftop surfing on their RV to get a premium view of the fireworks. And it was worth the climb! Not only could we see the fireworks in town, but we could also see the fireworks throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. We could even see the fireworks show over in Tombstone, AZ! Now that was pretty cool.

I hope your 4th was as wonderful as ours was. We’re learning that there are so many ways to enjoy RV life, and it often affords you the best seat in the house!4th of July Fireworks 4th of July Fireworks 4th of July Fireworks


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