Home is Where You Park it!

One of the most exciting things about living in a home with wheels is that you can move it anywhere! Yes, anywhere. So it’s important to consider the things you like about the space that surrounds you before you make a choice.

1. Do you want to own the property you park your home own?

2. How much work do you want to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis around your home?

3. Do you prefer privacy over living close to someone?

4. What amenities will make life more comfortable?

For us, because we move every 3-5 years, we’ve opted to rent a piece of land or stay in an RV resort. Purchasing land and getting all of the hookups put in just doesn’t seem cost-effective for us and the market of the area where we live. So, after looking at all the RV resorts within a decent driving distance to work we decided on a 55+ community to park. Wait, what? No, we’re not 55+ yet, but we love the amenities of this park. We like that we both have a decent driving distance to work, and we like that it’s quiet here. Very quiet! When you’re living close to someone as you may do in an RV Resort, you’ll appreciate quiet. Our slot comes with all utilities included (minus internet)  and a small storage unit. We also have additional parking for our Casita travel trailer which we use for a guest house or when we’re traveling. We have a laundry facility on site. The RV park is actually attached to a 55+ community. Technically, we can’t buy a come in the “community”, but we get all of the perks of living in the community like use of the pool, a variety of outdoor activities such as putt putt  (if you’re interested) and free wi-fi at the clubhouse.

Our trip to the North Rim, Grand Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs in our Casita
Our trip to the North Rim, Grand Canyon and Vermillion Cliffs in our Casita

We are originally from the South. So we’re no strangers to yard work. And for two years I was a caretaker on a large ranch that had more yard work than anyone in their right mind should have attempted to do on their own. That says a lot about my mental state! So, we wanted a very low maintenance place to live, and we got it! So consider all of these options when looking for a place to park your home. And the nice thing is that if after staying a while you see the setup just isn’t working for you, then you can hook your home up and move on! Yes, home IS where you park it!!



Weighing Your Options~Which Are Many!

My husband’s work has given us travelers an excellent opportunity to move every few years and live in some pretty spectacular places! At first, we decided that we would stay in each work location for 3-5 years and then move on. Now, because we are getting older and hopefully not working forever, we are thinking three years is long enough to enjoy the area, get a feel for it and then move on to the next adventure.

We stayed almost five years in West Texas at the last position, and in those five years we changed housing five times.

Damsel Flies
Damsel Flies
It was such a pleasant surprise to find these beautiful flowers growing in the desert. Of course the canyons produce so many beautiful things and have a life of their own!
It was such a pleasant surprise to find these beautiful flowers growing in the desert. Of course the canyons produce so many beautiful things and have a life of their own!

Yep, you read that right. That’s five times we packed up all of our belongings and changed living quarters! Some of that had to do with trying to find a closer proximity to work in an area that had very little housing options. And part of it was that there were a few times we just needed a change.

So after living in Arizona for a year we finally realized we just didn’t enjoy renting, but we knew we wouldn’t be here long enough to make buying a house pay off. So we started toying with the idea of full-time RVing again. For us, there were several reasons we chose this option.

1. We could take the money going into a rental house and put it towards the purchase of an RV.

2. A smaller space would help us assess the things we owned and make decisions about what we really wanted to keep and lug around the country.

3. A smaller space requires less maintenance, less yard work and less cleaning, so there’s actually time to get out and enjoy the things that interest us most.

4. The next time we decide to move we’ll just pull in the slides, hook up the RV and roll! There’s no household to disassemble and move from location to location.

So this past weekend we had plenty of time to get out and enjoy a couple of my favorite activities. I absolutely love hiking and birding. Fortunately, the town we live in is the Hummingbird Capitol of the US. We also sit in a migratory path for some excellent bird watching. And there just happens to be an abundance of trails in our area. Woo hoo!! So I’ve included some pictures of our hike in Huachuca Canyon in Sierra Vista, AZ. The canyon is located on Ft. Huachuca which is a military base. If you plan to visit, make sure to check out and comply with all the rules and regulations. http://huachuca-www.army.mil/Files/policy_14_033.pdf

This tiny little Painted Restart was one of many we saw on our visit to Huachuca Canyon.
This tiny little Painted Restart was one of many we saw on our visit to Huachuca Canyon.                                         

So what are the activities that you would participate in if you had more time? Do you think these activities would improve the quality of your life and happiness? For me, getting outside and exploring a new trail makes me a happy camper!

Why We RV

Wow! Has it really been over a year since I’ve posted? I guess numbers don’t lie, So here’s a quick catch up. Over a year ago we moved to Southeastern Arizona. Since we’ve lived here we are in our second home. I know, we must have a thing for moving. But this time things are a little different with our accomodations. Read along. You’ll see!

By now I think everyone has heard about tiny house living. Small spaces are the rage! And if you haven’t heard about this new movement then I’ll forgive you because I’m mostly clueless about what’s trending in the world! The Hubs was into tiny spaces before it was even “cool”. And we actually lived in his 24 ft. RV for the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage.

imageFast forward 15 years and guess where we’ve landed? We’re back in an RV but with a little different layout than our first “mobile” home of long ago. So why go back, you may ask? I think the reasons for living in small spaces vary greatly. Why did we specifically choose an RV? Can you give us the scoop? Absolutely, I can! But I’m going to break it down into smaller posts. There’s just so much information to cover. I’ll also be sharing some of our adventures along the way. The adventures were one of the reasons we decided to live in an RV again.

So what about you? Why have you chosen your small space, or why do you long for that tiny place to call your own? To learn a little more about us and where we’ve come from, please check out oldschooltravels.blogspot.com to see a few random posts.image

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