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The Gift of Garlic

I LOVE our RVing life. It has simplified so many aspects of the way we live that I often start thinking it’s too good to be true. We really do have an easy setup, so I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But….there are things. I never realized just how much I missed them until I got a most pungent package in the mail yesterday.

You see, my father in law is gardener. And he’s not just any old gardener hoping that his crops will grow and produce enough food so that they can have a few good meals during the summer. By profession he is a scientist, and he utilizes his knowledge while gardening thus producing some of the most delicious goodies in mass quantities in a very small space. This man knows what he’s doing. So yesterday I went to the post office to collect the mail. It’s the Hubs 50th birthday, so packages have been showing up regularly. Anyway, what I found was a package for me! And as soon as I opened the locker I could smell exactly what the contents of that package were. It was a box of garlic!!

The wonderful gift of garlic that arrived from my father in law.
The wonderful gift of garlic that arrived from my father in law.

For weeks now, the Hubs and I have been venturing to local farmer’s markets to get fresh garlic, but there hasn’t been the availability like there was last year. So it’s taken some work, and it had even started to worry me that we wouldn’t have enough garlic to get us through the winter. And it has been years since I’ve bought it at the grocery stores. More times than not, if you’re paying attention you will notice that the garlic at the store is a product of China. I once watched a documentary that really spoke to me, and in it one of the gentlemen said, “Your food should never arrive in a cargo box from another country packaged alongside thousands of pairs of flip flops.” And he’s right. So, back to the story.

When I opened my box of garlic I literally teared up. Who cries over a box of garlic, right? Inside of that box was enough garlic to carry me through until next year! And there were amazing varieties of garlic too. Did you know that there are over 600 sub-varieties of garlic in the world? (http://www.gourmetgarlicgardens.com/garlic-information.html )I kid you not! But there was something about opening that box of garlic. A gift from the heart that I can consume. There is so much beauty in growing a garden, and I truly miss that. I just didn’t realize how much until I got that box yesterday. The gift of garlic from my precious father in law filled a void that I didn’t even realize was there. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s a gift that helps complete my RV lifestyle. I am so grateful for the gift of garlic!


I’ve Got it Bad, And That Ain’t Good

It’s only been a month. One Month! But I am starting to get restless. I had planned on it being two and a half months, but now I know Ican’t wait that long. Well, maybe can’t is a strong word. I don’t want to wait that long. I’m missing it terribly. I’m day dreaming about it. I’m ¬†fantasizing

Our Casita is the best road companion ever.
Our Casita is the best road companion ever.

about all the things I could do. No, I’m not talking about a person that I’m pining after or some food I’ve decided to give up in an effort to make myself better. I’m talking about traveling.
Yes, the travel bug doesn’t wait very long before it’s back nibbling on my brain. I believe these bites cause fever, and once you have the fever you can’t shake it. It was just a month ago that we spent the weekend in Prescott, AZ. And it was a great trip! My plans were for us to stay

No home is complete without mood lighting.
No home is complete without mood lighting.
We almost made it to the Southern boarder of the Arizona trail on our weekend hike. Unfortunately a potential storm sent us back to the truck.
We almost made it to the Southern boarder of the Arizona trail on our weekend hike. Unfortunately a potential storm sent us back to the truck.

home for the two and half months until Doug’s Most Excellent Birthday Adventure was to take place so we could save some money and just hang out a little. But now I know that waiting until September is going to drive me nutty. So, I’m in the process of planning a weekend trip to Northeastern Arizona where the temperatures are cooler and there will be sights¬†that I’ve never seen before! And for me, there is nothing better than to wake up in a new place with new adventures ahead of you.
I often wish I could curve this desire to get out and go. It’s tough when you know there are roads out there you’ve never traveled and places you’ve never seen. It creates a restlessness that can only be cured by getting out and traveling. Is this an addiction? Am I just wired to be this way? I definitely think I’ve come by it honestly. My Mom dearly loves to travel although she doesn’t tend to wander quite as far off as I do. But I think she would if thought she could. And then there was my Grandfather who always, always, always talked about traveling. But such adventures were not to be tolerated by my Grandmother. To this day I have no idea how he cooled his heels and stayed put. Maybe he just loved her that much and keeping the peace was more of a priority to him. Maybe the less you go the more you become okay with it. I’m not sure exactly how that works, but I can remember a few conversations many years ago that ended with me saying to the Hubs, “If you don’t want to go I’ll just see you when I get back.”
So for now I’m trying to remain calm for about two more weeks, and then we’re on the road at least for the weekend. And when you have “Ramblin’ Fever” sometimes a weekend dose of excitement is exactly what will help until the next bout of fever kicks in!

Best Seats in the House

It was a rainy 4th of July here in Southern Arizona. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but we had some really good rain over the holiday weekend. If you live in a part of the world that gets regular rainfall then you might be disappointed by this. But because we don’t see rains on a regular basis we were pretty doggone excited! So we settled in for a quiet weekend. The area of Arizona that we live in is actually more high desert and gets more rain than the areas around us. We have grass and trees and all those things that most people don’t have when they live in Arizona.

We live about 4 miles outside of town, so we were curious on the night of the 4th if we would be able to see the fireworks from our RV. Not wanting to venture out into the crowds, we came up with a plan. So about 15 minutes before the excitement was to begin we hauled my camara and ourselves onto the roof of our RV. Then, we sat and waited.4th of July Fireworks

All of our neighbors were also out picking their premium spot for the spectacle, but no one had the view that we did! Before long, neighbors were walking by asking if they could join the rooftop party! They wanted to know if we were serving drinks on deck. Everyone was excited for the fireworks but also excited to see their two neighbors rooftop surfing on their RV to get a premium view of the fireworks. And it was worth the climb! Not only could we see the fireworks in town, but we could also see the fireworks throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. We could even see the fireworks show over in Tombstone, AZ! Now that was pretty cool.

I hope your 4th was as wonderful as ours was. We’re learning that there are so many ways to enjoy RV life, and it often affords you the best seat in the house!4th of July Fireworks 4th of July Fireworks 4th of July Fireworks

Why We RV

Wow! Has it really been over a year since I’ve posted? I guess numbers don’t lie, So here’s a quick catch up. Over a year ago we moved to Southeastern Arizona. Since we’ve lived here we are in our second home. I know, we must have a thing for moving. But this time things are a little different with our accomodations. Read along. You’ll see!

By now I think everyone has heard about tiny house living. Small spaces are the rage! And if you haven’t heard about this new movement then I’ll forgive you because I’m mostly clueless about what’s trending in the world! The Hubs was into tiny spaces before it was even “cool”. And we actually lived in his 24 ft. RV for the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage.

imageFast forward 15 years and guess where we’ve landed? We’re back in an RV but with a little different layout than our first “mobile” home of long ago. So why go back, you may ask? I think the reasons for living in small spaces vary greatly. Why did we specifically choose an RV? Can you give us the scoop? Absolutely, I can! But I’m going to break it down into smaller posts. There’s just so much information to cover. I’ll also be sharing some of our adventures along the way. The adventures were one of the reasons we decided to live in an RV again.

So what about you? Why have you chosen your small space, or why do you long for that tiny place to call your own? To learn a little more about us and where we’ve come from, please check out oldschooltravels.blogspot.com to see a few random posts.image